Sunday, August 04, 2013

"which will be returned when normal conditions return again"

...H.W. Loomis, a mining man of Paradise, Arizona, seventy-five miles northeast of Douglas in the Chiricahua mountains, gave the details of the formation of some guards by the citizens there, at San Simon, Arizona, Rodeo, N. M., and other small settlements in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico.

   A complete list of all arms and ammunition in the district was first procured. Committees waited upon all Mexican residents who were told in a friendly manner that they would be given every guarantee of safety, both as to life and property, no matter what the relations of their respective governments might became. They were informed, however, that they must not bear arms and that to do so would invite their immediate disarmament by the Americans.

   In one or two of the towns the committee went a step further, disarming all Mexicans but giving them receipts for their weapons, which will be returned when normal conditions return again.

[The Bisbee Daily Review, Bisbee, Arizona, Thursday Morning, March 30, 1916. Vol. 18, No. 262. Pg. 7 - "Better Feeling Prevails Upon The Arizona-Sonora Boundry" (Cont'd. from Pg. 1)]

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