Sunday, November 03, 2013

"admits that he got down from the step-ladder much quicker than he got up...."

   Resisting Arrest -- As a result from a misunderstanding in regard to rent, Mrs. Lyons, who resides on Third street, between X and L, procured a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. R. J. Dunn night before last, upon a charge of disturbing the peace. Local officer Coffee went to make the arrest, and Mrs. Dunn securely locked her door and refused admittance. Coffee obtained a step-ladder, and got up to the transom opening into the room, and as he did so Mrs. Dunn fired a shot with a pistol into the ceiling at absut the center of the room, and quickly supplemented it with the remark, "If anyone breaks into my room, either he or I will be killed!" Coffee admits that he got down from the step-ladder much quicker than he got up. Seeing the warm condition affairs had assumed, it was determined to not force admission, but wait till morning, which was done, an officer remaining in the vicinity during the night. Yesterday morning the self-constituted prisoner thought better of the matter and quietly submitted to being taken to the police station, where she awaits the examination of her case before Judge Henry to-day, with the changes of disturbing the peace, malicious mischief, and discharging firearms in the city limits placed against her.

[Sacramento Daily Record-Union, Sacramento, Saturday Morning, November 20, 1880. Daily Union Series --Vol. LIV--No. 9246. Pg. 5]

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