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"every home in the residence section, almost without exception, contains firearms...."


Tries to Enter Two

With Maniacal Cunning He1
Eludes All Attempts to
Capture Him.

Every Home Contains Firearms, and
Every Citizen Is a Volun-
teer Detective.

   Murray's fiend is still prowling through that suburb at night. Several houses have been attacked during the past week by a man who is supposed to have been the assailant of airs, Gustave Schwan. As a result every home in the residence section, almost without exception, contains firearms, and it is a dangerous matter to wander into strange dooryards after nightfall. In this district a veritable reign of terror exists.
Made Two Attempts.

   Two nights ago this man tried to break into two houses on Main street, close to the Schwan home. He made the attempts during the early hours of the morning and picked out homes from which the men were absent. In each case he was frightened away because he awakened the occupants.

   Shortly after 3 o'clock the prowler was heard trying the doors of Mrs. Ford's house, Just off Main street, about a block southeast of its junction with State street. Mrs. Ford was awakened and made some noise. The man ran away across the lawn.
Went for a Weapon.

   At about 4 o'clock the same morning Mrs. Whitehead, who lives almost opposite Mayor Stratton, was aroused by her young son. The boy had awakened from a sound sleep and heard some one trying to raise one of his bedroom windows. He hastened to his mother's room to get a revolver. As he did so, glancing back, he saw a man's form standing out in relief against his window. He got the weapon and hastened back, but the man had vanished.

   For about ten days after the Schwan outrage everything remained quiet in Murray. Then the attempts at breaking into houses began again. These last two have aroused the citizens, and the man-hunt still continues, although each of the hunters is working by himself. Women who stay alone at night are armed and ready to shoot at any attempt to enter their homes.

[The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, Saturday Morning, December 3, 1904. Vol. LXX. No. 50. Pg. 12]

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