Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"in violation of the constitutional guarantee to the citizen of his right to keep and bear arms"

"...14. That the present executive government of the United States has subverted, for the time, in large portions of the loyal states, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, and free sufferage, the constitutions and laws of the States and the United States, the civil courts and trial by jury. It has ordered, ad libitum, arbitrary arrests by military officers, not only without warrant but without any charge or imputation of crime or offense, and has hurried the persons so arrested from home and vicinage to distant prisons. and kept them incarcerated there for an indefinite time, some of whom it discharged without trial and in utter ignorance of the cause of their arrest and imprisonment, and others it caused to be brought before courts created by itself and to be tried and punished without law; in violation of the constitutional guarantee to the citizen of his right to keep and bear arms, and of his right of property, it has forcibly deprived, as well the loyal as the disloyal, of both; it has usurped the power to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and to proclaim martial law, and has established military tribunals in States  and parts of States where there was no obstruction to the due administration of the laws of the United States and the States ny the civil courts and authorities; and ordered many citizens, who were not connected with the Army or Navy, to be dragged before its drum head courts, and to be tried by them for new and strange offenses declared by itself and by an undefined and indefinable law being but the arbitrary will of the court; ordained at pleasure a military despotism in the loyal States by mans of courts martial, provost marshals, and military forces, governed neither by law, principles not rules, from whose tyranny and oppressions no man can claim immnity; all of which must be repudiated and swept away by the sovereign people...."--U.S. Senator Garrett Davis, Resolutions offered in the U.S. Senate, [Daily State Sentinel, Indianapolis, IND., Saturday Morning, January 16, 1864. Volume XII. Number 4,135. Pg. 2]
 (Garrett Davis, (September 10, 1801 – September 22, 1872), was a U.S. Senator and Representative from Kentucky. Davis served in the Kentucky House of Representatives from 1833 to 1835. Afterward, he was elected as a Whig to the United States House of Representatives, serving from March 4, 1839, to March 3, 1847. There he was chairman of the Committee on Territories.

Davis declined to be a candidate for reelection in 1846, but instead resumed the practice of law and also engaged in agricultural pursuits. He refused to reenter politics the next fifteen years. Davis declined the nomination for Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky in 1848, and declined the American Party nomination for Governor in 1855 and for the presidency in 1856.

Davis was opposed to secession, however, and supported the Constitutional Union Party ticket in 1860. This convinced him to reenter politics, and he was elected by a Unionist Party position in 1861 to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the expulsion of John C. Breckinridge. He was reelected as a Democrat in 1867 and served from December 10, 1861, until his death in Paris, Kentucky, in 1872. He served as chairman of the Committee on Private Land Claims.)

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