Sunday, May 12, 2013

"society would have no security, and must take arms to defend themselves"

"Mr. HOFFMAN was in favor of the amendment of the gentleman from Otsego. He was not one who believed that the interests of society required the abolition of capital punishment. One objection to the abolition of capital punishment, was the danger that there would be of murderer again being turned loose on society to endanger the security of life. It had been said, "I would go with you and vote with you, if I could feel assured that the murderer, guilty of blood, shall be confined for life, without the power of commutation." If the amendment to the amendment, submitted by the gentleman from Otsego, were adopted, the Governor would have power to commute for imprisonment for life, leaving power with the legislature to make all other regulations. But if power were given to the Governor to turn loose a convicted murderer, society would
have no security
, and must take arms to defend themselves."--[DEBATES AND PROCEEDINGS IN THE NEW-YORK STATE CONVENTION, FOR THE REVISION OF THE CONSTITUTION. BY. S. CROSWELL AND R. SUTTON, Reporters for the Argus. Printed at the Office of the Albany Argus 1846. Pg. 277.]

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