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"Reasons was given his pistol after trial and instructed to be more careful with his firearms..."


Casper Jones and Johnson
Drink While on Duty

Commissioners Did Not Give Weight
To Charge of Extortion


   Practical exoneration of the charge of extortion, but "dismissal from service for a broach of rules" was the decision of the board of fire and police commissioners Saturday afternoon, after hearing charges preferred against Patrolmen Casper Jones and William Johnson by M.C. Reasons, a constable from Dyer county Tennessee. Reasons charged that the patrolmen forced him to give up $16 and three pistols on threats that they would lock him up for carrying concealed a deadly weapon.

   Reasons testified that he was arrested by the patrolmen, searched, and three guns were taken. He claims that Patrolmen Jones and Johnson forced him to leave $16 in a horse trough in the stable. No one saw the act and commissioners had only the word of Reasons. The accused policemen admitted searching Reasons but declared that they found nothing on him. During the course of the trial several witnesses were asked if Reasons was drinking. Reasons then asked if "someone else did not drink." This lead to testimony that Patrolmen Johnson and Jones took one drink of liquor in the saloon.

   Reasons was given his pistol after trial and instructed to be more careful with his firearms when out of his native state In the future. He left for home Saturday night.

[The Paducah Evening Sun, Paducah, Ky., Monday Evening, September 30, 1907. Vol. XXII No. 75 Pg. 2]

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