Monday, October 28, 2013

"The carrying of firearms in Russia is only permitted after an official investigation...."

[The Phillipsburg Herald, Phillipsburg, Kansas, Saturday, April 19, 1902. Vol. XXIII. No. 25. Pg. 4]

   Hmmmm, "after an official investigation" you say? You mean like the N.I.C.S. Background check? Only now, the traitors in high places want to EXPAND that 'background check' to more closely model it after the Russian example set above. For it is precisely that which the federal government wants to accomplish with an 'expanded background checks' scheme.

   Just think, it was only a mere 3 years after the above article was posted that [the little heard of] 1905 Russian Revolution occurred. And 15 years before Russia went full-blown communist. And our perverse government wants to follow the precedent set by pre-SOVIET RUSSIA? I don't think so, not in this Constitutional Republic. You treasonous scumbags can go straight to hell. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Molon Labe, traitors....

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